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US Tech Labs has been providing Data Recovery Services for over 17   years, we specialize in RAID, Hard Drive and Tape Restoration. Operating out of 4 locations across the United States to serve you. We strive to keep our services as quick and simple as possible, by publicly posting our prices online and providing the fastest turnaround time.

All US Tech Labs Recovery facilities operate Class 100 Environments. This technology is necessary when a Hard Drive needs to be opened for repairs. Typically 30% of all failed drives require open drive repair. 70% of failed drives are typically electrical errors, that can be repaired with US Tech Labs technologies.                                 

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What makes us different than our competition? US Tech Labs strives to be the absolute best with the latest technologies and quick turnaround times.  We’ve built our proprietary technologies working with Hard Drive Manufacturers like Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, Hitachi, IBM, Toshiba & Maxtor. Our solutions allow us to rebuild your drive, following the manufacture’s standards, and this allows us to get more data than other providers. 

Ready to get started? Call us at 1-855-CSI-DATA to have your media scheduled for Recovery.

New Cases & News:

US Tech Labs hired in Columbus, Ohio Data Center case.  Data Center power was lost after electrical work in the area caused an interruption.  8 RAID 5 Storage Systems shutdown, and suffered multiple logical drive failures due to the loss of power.  The primary RAID 5 Data Recovery involved a 300gb Exchange Database, the other RAID 5 Data Recoveries on the SAN were VM Backups.  98% of the data on the RAID 5 Systems Recovered.

US Tech Labs is currently consulting in a Healthcare Law Suit in South Florida.  Tape Restoration & Data Recovery will be performed on-site at the clients Data Center.


Facility Services:

Dublin – Columbus, Ohio:  Hard Drive Recovery, RAID Data Recovery, Tape Data Recovery & Restoration, Forensics, Secure Data Center

Miami, Florida:  Hard Drive Data Recovery, RAID Data Recovery, Tape Recovery & Restoration and Forensics

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida:  Hard Drive Data Recovery, RAID Data Recovery, Tape Data Recovery & Restoration

Jacksonville, Florida:  Hard Drive Data Recovery, RAID Data Recovery, Tape Data Recovery & Restoration Forensics

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