RAID Data Recovery


RAID Data recovery diagnostics


US Tech Labs is a leader in Raid Recovery technologies, we’ve developed our own hardware and software tools to completely rebuild any Raid Array on the market. Our typical recovery time on a Raid 0, 1 & 5 Array is 1-2 days

Raid Recoveries come in many forms, whether its a single or multiple disk failure, we’ve got the experience and resources to get your Business back up and running quickly. We currently support 100% of all raid systems available on the market. Whether its a 2 disk Raid 0 Linux Array, or a Raid 5 12 disk Windows array, we can rebuild it faster than any company on the market.

RAID Recovery Levels:
Raid 0 – Disk Striping Raid 1 – Disk Mirroring
Raid 5 – Disk Striping with Parity Raid 1+0 – Disk Mirroring +Striping Raid 0+1 – Disk Striping + Mirroring
Common Raid Failures:
Controller Failure File Deletion Single or Multiple Drive Failure
Data Corruption Partition Table Failure Bad Sectors

Our success rate is one of the highest in the industry, at 98% success on all Raid 5 systems.  We offer a FREE diagnostic on every Raid system.   If your calling to get quotes from companies, notice that most companies charge a fee for Raid Recoveries.  This is due to a low success rate. This allows us to offer you a FREE diagnostic, because our Raid 5 Recoveries are successful 98 out of 100 Recoveries.  Don’t trust your companies data to just anyone.  US Tech Labs guarantee’s your success.

Our RAID Recovery Process:
1. Diagnostic Completed on all Hard Drives
2. Diagnostic reviewed with Customer for Approval
3. Drives repaired for Imaging
4. SmartSector Forensic Image completed on each Drive
5. RAID Rebuilt & Data Extracted
6. RAID Recovery Report reviewed by Customer
7. Data Shipped to Customer – Project Successful

Pricing & Raid Information:

RAID0 data recovery

Raid 0 Recovery: Typical failure on a Raid 0 system, is either a logic failure, or a single disk failure.  US Tech Labs can repair these types of failures, and recover your data quickly. Pricing:  2 Disk $950 – $1250   3-5 Disk $1500 – $3500   6 + Disk – Call Us




Raid 1 Recovery: When a Raid 1 Array fails, you can typically switch to the mirror, and have minimal loss of time and data.  If both drives fail, we can evaluate both drives, and recover one of the mirrors, and get your data back quickly. Our success rate on single drive systems is 90%. Pricing: 1 Disk $650 – $950



Raid 5 Recovery: Most Raid 5 systems range between 3-7 disk drives.  If you’ve lost data, or had a multiple disk failure on your system, we can rebuild typically in 2-3 days.  Our success rate on a Raid 5 Array is 98%. Pricing: 3 Disk $2500   4-5 Disk $2500 – $3500   6 + Disk – Call Us

Once you get into Raid Recoveries, that have either failed with electrical, or mechanical failed drives, the software programs on the market, can wreck your data.  The reason for this is simple.  When a drive is failed, or starts to fail, you only get a small window of time to get the drive repaired and imaged.  Every sector counts, which is what gives US Tech Labs the edge over the competition.The US Tech Labs Difference:  Our Competitive Edge

Our forensic imaging procedures get on average, 5-15% more valid sectors than the competition.  This is due to our imaging algorithm’s.  Every hard drive is different.  So every algorithm we use, to create the original disk image, is critical to the success of your Raid Recovery.  Our algorithm can scan each individual sector up to 7 times, over the course of the image.  This technology, which is Patented by US Tech Labs is called “SMART Sector”.   This provides a way to cross check every sector, for 99% accuracy.

Current solutions on the market, like Winhex & Runtime, use a high-level imaging technology.  This imaging technology is ok, for imaging drives that don’t have bad sectors, or damaged areas.  Hard Drives use a feature called “Look Ahead” which allows the drive to read sector areas in advanced.  If you’ve ever imaged a drive, and found multiple areas of bad sectors, this “Look Ahead” feature will try to skip the bad sectors, or reallocate them to a new area.  This process can kill your data, and reallocate data to areas you might have already imaged, so the data gets lost.   With “Smart Sector” the “Look Ahead” feature can be disabled, enabling the image to include all damaged areas.  This provides a 99% accuracy rate on imaged sectors.

If you’ve tried some software packages, and are seeing a damaged directory tree, invalid file names, bad sectors, or errors within the data, stop now before its to late.  Call us for a free consultation & diagnostic.



The writers of the book “Spring into Digital Photography”, recently called upon US Tech Labs for Data Recovery Services.  They had 2 160Gb hard drives in a Raid 0 configuration, the array had crashed, one drive failed with a mechanical head failure, the other drive suffered electrical damage.  Both drives were rebuilt in our class 100 clean lab, and the array was successfully rebuilt, with no data loss. US Tech Labs is dedicated to recovering data from all types of media, our typical turnaround time is 1-2 days.  You can trust US Tech Labs for all of your Data Recovery needs.